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I’m finally stepping into my own power as a healer and psychic. In the last few months I left my 5 year relationship, quit my hustle side job, met my soulmate, and have stepped into teaching meditation, energy healing, and belief work, as well as performing full time. So much is continuing to unfold, and these gifts are SO excited they’re out in the open to breathe! I’m finally feeling what it means to be really in flow, and listen to divine guidance. I can’t wait to see how this class will continue to open the gifts I am now trusting and really tuning into. - Whitney


This course has completely changed my path. I will never stop thanking you for creating Psychic Bootcamp. I keep coming back to it to practice and learn more from the layers within the tools and methods that continue to support me. You made learning about my guides and angels so accessible. Bree is one of the best teachers in the Universe. I love her and am so grateful that I found her. Bree's work continues to support me in the deepest ways. - Veronica


I came into this course wanting to connect with myself and my guides, and that was it. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I knew I needed to do it. My mind has been blown wide open. I'm feeling so much more connected to myself, my soul, my guides and Source/Spirit. I was nervous about the Mediumship module (lol) but after some time I even gave that a try and felt a beautiful presence from an uncle of mine that passed. The way you teach this work is so refreshing and makes it feel grounded and normal! - Megan