Channeling Session June 2021

An in-body channeling with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

"Today was SO empowering, thank you! It was everything I needed. I noticed I was able to digest the messages more easily than the last time I attended, so crazy to witness and feel my evolution so quickly!"
  • Be guided through a meditation to help open you up to the energy transmissions that come through and any ‘upgrades’ you may need
  • Get answers to deep questions about moving past your blocks, manifesting, our collective health and learning and ways to step into your greater purpose (read below on what the light beings cover)
  • Learn about Bree’s path to channeling and how you can be aware of your own filter and intuitive senses
  • Hear what the light beings have been sharing with Bree ‘behind the scenes’ about this time we’re moving through
  • Move past your blocks without wrestling with them
  • Easily access the higher lessons within any circumstance
  • Heal relationships from the awareness of your soul
  • Rise above collective fear and harness your innate power and ability to create change
  • Understand and embody your soul’s greater purpose
  • Open your field to receive clear guidance
  • Create *total* health and well-being and tap into your body’s miraculous potential
  • Strengthen your ability to astral travel and receive intuitive insight
  • Understand the one thing that keeps us stuck in our patterns and how to pivot into your higher expression

"Thank you so much for the channeling session yesterday. Absolutely mind blowing. I got so much out of it. I can’t wait to listen to it again.”

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Your Instructor

Bree Melanson
Bree Melanson

Bree is a celebrated psychic and medium who’s shaking up the spiritual game by bringing a fresh, accessible, and raw approach to the work. Working with clients spanning across every industry and profession, lifestyle and life status, she’s helping people unplug from subconscious limitation and experience living their purpose and potential from a place of ease. By accessing subconscious programming and channeling some truth-bomb-rich messages from archangels and light beings, Bree inspires those around her to see the lighter side of life and encourages them to get on the joy-train straight to success, health and a love-based life. More on Bree and her story here...