Channeling Session July 2020

An in-body channeling with Jesus and the Arcturians

"Watching you bring those messages forth yesterday was incredible. I was deeply moved, to tears at a few points, big out loud laughter too. It was mind-blowing. I've read channeled information before and listend to Esther Hicks for years on YouTube. Seeing it yesterday just hit different-very raw, very organic. I was memorized. I look forward to hearing it again in replay so I can take notes!” Tay, Attendee


  • Be guided through a deep meditation to connect you with universal consciousness
  • Understand the different levels of channeling and how it works
  • Learn about our connection with inter-dimensional beings
  • Receive messages and an energetic healing from Jesus and the Arcturians


  • Tap into your soul’s bigger purpose and assist in our collective awakening
  • Broaden your vibrational field for manifesting and healing
  • Move past fears of the unknown and work though things like forgiveness, lack and worry
  • Open your ability to connect with inter-dimensional beings
  • Help balance the feminine and masculine energetic disparity collectively and within
  • Harness the power of your ‘being' vs ‘doing’ to manifest and become more non-linear
  • Strengthen your ability to access your intuition and higher truth beyond form or circumstance
  • Support children during this time and along their path

"I wanted to let you know how amazing the session was on Saturday! It was such an incredible experience and to have my question about overcoming fears answered by the Arcturians was just so much more than I expected. The answer was exactly what I needed to hear specifically that we are all inter-dimensional beings, are all just one and to be cautious because great measures are taken to instill fear. Wow!!!” Andrea, Attendee

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Your Instructor

Bree Melanson
Bree Melanson

Bree is a celebrated psychic and medium who’s shaking up the spiritual game by bringing a fresh, accessible, and raw approach to the work. Working with clients spanning across every industry and profession, lifestyle and life status, she’s helping people unplug from subconscious limitation and experience living their purpose and potential from a place of ease. By accessing subconscious programming and channeling some truth-bomb-rich messages from archangels and light beings, Bree inspires those around her to see the lighter side of life and encourages them to get on the joy-train straight to success, health and a love-based life. More on Bree and her story here...