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I just finished M5 and wow - I've been experiencing shoulder pain for about a year now and it feels like the pain is almost gone!!! Mind is blown!!! How you guided the process helped me face a situation I've been desperately avoiding and I was finally able to clear an old pattern in such a loving way. Hours later, my shoulder pain is still significantly relieved! I can’t believe the mind/body/energy connection! - Trish


I've been married for 23 years and over the course of our marriage, there has been one constant issue. We've tried many things including therapy to work through it and nothing has ever worked. For the first time in 23 YEARS, I can see this pattern differently. I AM IN AWE OF THIS PROCESS. The deep healing that is available is truly profound. Thank you, thank you thank you! - Sally


I’m LOVING the embodiment portion with the Beyond Form Method! That was definitely a big missing link for me in moving through stuck beliefs before! I am also loving entering into presence before connecting with the meditations to connect with my intuition! I did it during a reading the other day and it felt sooooo easy! Messages started flowing in before I even fully did the connection process! - Breanna